Volunteer at Montlake

Parent and caregiver volunteers are essential to Montlake.  We need your help to keep the school and community thriving.  Watch your email for ways to sign up.

There are many opportunities to volunteer.   Volunteers are needed to:
- Coordinate the holiday sale
- Be the DEI chair on the PTA board
- Help in the classrooms
- Check in and re-shelve books in the library
- Supervise during lunchtime recess
- Help with school communications in your child's class by being a room parent
- Collect photos and help create the yearbook
- Chaperone field trips
- Serve on the PTA board
- Organize fundraisers
- Provide tech support
- Design graphics for events and fundraisers
- And many more ...

Contact Jennie at [email protected] with questions and to offer help.

Any volunteers who work in the school building or who chaperone field trips must complete an application and background check with Seattle Public Schools  and receive approval.  The list of approved volunteers for Montlake is updated and referenced regularly.  Volunteers who have not been approved will not be allowed in the building or on field trips.

Volunteer approval is good for two years.  If you have been approved in the past, please check each year to ensure that your approval is still current.  If you are new to the school, you must apply and be approved to volunteer at Montlake.  To check your volunteer status or to complete a new application, click the button below.

SPS Volunteer Application